Ballot Recap

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Voters may be confused and angry, but they're stuck with no less than 16 propositions on tomorrow's statewide ballot. They're being asked for decisions on issues ranging from stem cell research to Indian gambling. Campaign spending on the propositions has topped the record of $193 million, set in 1998. This year's $205 million is still climbing, with money going to campaign consultants and advertising media, from direct mail to TV. Some were put on the ballot by wealthy individuals. Most involve issues the elected legislature has failed to address. One is designed to undermine another one. We review some of the most complex and controversial, from health care to three strikes to changing the way we elect public officials, in the hopes of giving you as fair an account as we can. Then it's up to you to make up your own mind. For more information on these and other statewide propositions, check out KCRW's Election Connection.

Garvey's article on Prop 66 (limitations on three-strikes law)

Center for Governmental Studies on health-related propositions

Sacramento Bee editorial on Prop 64 (limits on unfair business competition law)

Hubble's article on Props 68, 70 (tribal and non-tribal gaming)



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