Barons of Bankruptcy

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In a rare turn of events involving white-collar crime, the Bush Administration has been clapping high-priced executives in handcuffs before they have a chance to get out on bail. But a Seattle attorney says that the humiliating arrests are not enough, and he-s suing former executives of Enron, Global Crossing and other spectacular failures in civil court, hoping to get back their -ill gotten gains- on behalf of the workers whose 401(k) plans lost big money. Seattle attorney Lynn Sarko details the lawsuits he-s filed against the corporate greedy who have helped fuel the economic meltdown. We also learn how such litigation fits into tomorrow-s economic summit in Waco, Texas, from high-ranking officials of the US Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO.
  • Newsmaker: Fundraising Failures Dog California-s GOP Hopefuls With a Republican President in the White House, the GOP might have expected to have a leg up on this year-s elections. Yet, in California-s statewide races, Democrats have amassed ten times more money than Republicans. In a state where TV commercials can make the difference, the GOP is in big trouble. Dan Walters, of the Sacramento Bee, says the -back bench- legislators just can-t compete with powerful incumbents.

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