Belmont, Koreatown, Politics and Earthquake Prediction

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New Republican Contender for California Senate Race
Rosario Marin resigned her post as US Treasurer today. The Republican Latina, who is returning to California, is now considered the top contender to Senator Barbara Boxer in 2004. Fernando Guerra, associate professor of political science and Chicano studies at Loyola Marymount University, says Marin-s biggest obstacle is possibly being out of step with the Republican Party of California.

Korean Community Debates Fate of Ambassador Hotel
The Los Angeles Unified School District recently purchased the site of the fabled Ambassador Hotel to build a new high school for the Koreatown area, but not everyone in the Korean community wants to see a school on the 23-acre site. Queena Kim, LA-based reporter for the Wall Street Journal, says that as the Wilshire corridor develops as the heart of the Korean professional community, many envision a business district or a mall.

Earthquake Predictions As the death toll from the 6.7 magnitude earthquake in Algeria climbs over 1000, there-s word from the California Institute of Technology of a warning device that could offer the precious seconds needed for residents of quake-prone regions to reach safety. Simulations suggest the instrument can provide an alert of a coming quake-s magnitude and just where the most damage could occur. CalTech geophysicist Hiroo Kanamori explains.

  • Making News: LAUSD Votes to Build a School at Belmont Site
    The LA school board has voted 4-to-3 to finish the Belmont Learning Center, regarded as one of the costliest schools in the nation. The school, designed to serve 2600 kids, was stopped in 2000 over concerns about methane and hydrogen sulfide gas seepage. Board member Jos- Huizar says the plan will add $111 million to $172 million already spent.
  • Reporter's Notebook: An Uneventful Festival in Cannes
    There is pomp. There is glitz. There are stars. There is also, perhaps, a bit of animosity between Americans and the French at the 56th Cannes Film Festival. At a festival where art usually trumps politics, there is definitely animosity between Americans and one of Cannes- favorite film directors, Lars von Trier. Michael Dwyer of Irish Times offers his picks as he applies his wit and wisdom to this year-s festival.

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