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Gore Contests Florida Recount with Numerous Filings - The final vote has been certified but we still have two Presidents-in-waiting. We review vote counts, timetables, and court proceedings with Erwin Chemerinsky, who contested the butterfly ballot on behalf of Florida voters; Douglas Kmiec, former counsel to President Reagan; and Warren Richey, legal writer for the Christian Science Monitor.

Belmont Learning Complex - Ten months ago, the LA School Board voted to abandon the Belmont Learning Complex as too contaminated to ever serve as a school. While it stands empty, 4500 students crowd into the original smaller Belmont High or are bused to other schools, and a citizens oversight committee, created by Proposition BB, has threatened to withhold funds for other school projects until the board does something with Belmont. We've invited Robert Garcia, who heads the committee, and Genethia Hayes, president of the LA Unified School District, to discuss the impasse.

  • Newsmaker: Gore Plea for Patience in Florida Legal Battle
    - Speaking on TV and radio, Vice President Gore says he'll continue his effort to make sure all votes are counted in Florida -- whomever the eventual winner might be. He called the vote certified by Florida's Secretary of State "inaccurate and incomplete". Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, senior fellow at the Center for Politics and Policy at the Claremont Graduate School, gives us her reaction.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Human Guinea Pigs Taking Rocket Fuel Pills
    - The Los Angeles Times reports that 100 volunteers in San Bernardino are swallowing perchlorate, a rocket-fuel component that could cause health problems. We learn more about the Loma Linda University project that's paid for by aerospace giant Lockheed Martin from Alexander Capron, a bioethicist, professor of law and medicine, and co-director of the Pacific Center for Health Policy and Ethics at USC.



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