Belmont Stalled Eleven Months

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For 11 months the Belmont Learning Complex has sat idle and empty as the mayor, school board, and citizens' oversight committee remain sharply divided over the possibility and cost of making the site environmentally safe. We weigh the fate of the nation's most expensive high school and 723,000 LAUSD students with School Superintendent Roy Romer, Board President Genethia Hayes, Board Member Victoria Castro, whose district includes Belmont, and others.
  • Newsmaker: LAPD Shooting - On October 28, an LAPD officer shot and killed TV actor Anthony Dwain Lee, a guest at a Benedict Canyon Halloween party. First reports said that Lee pointed a realistic replica of a handgun at the officer who was outside, but a coroner's autopsy reveals that Lee was struck from behind by four bullets. LAPD Chief BP brings the two apparently conflicting stories into focus.



Warren Olney


Frances Anderton