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Joe Domanick: Freelance writer, covers police for the LA Weekly, among others. Author of To Protect and To Serve, a book on the history of the LAPD up the 1992 riots. Merrick Bobb: Attorney; serving as special counsel to LA Police Commission, and to County of Los Angeles. Deputy General Counsel for Christopher Commission. Prepared the May 1996 report looking at progress the LAPD made in implementing reforms five years after the Christopher Commission. Genethia Hayes: Executive Director, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, LA branch. Member of the commission which selected the 6 finalists for police chief. Katherine Spillar: National Coordinator, Feminist Majority Foundation. Rabbi Gary Greenebaum: Western Regional Director, American Jewish Committee. Former President of LA Police Commission; resigned in 1995 when the City Council overturned a reprimand for Chief Willie Williams. Carol Watson: Co-chair, Police Watch, a non-profit group that monitors police abuse. Private lawyer, civil rights litigation with firm: Manes and Watson Pasty Carter: Runs a small inn off Figuroa, just north of USC. Community organizer. Edith Perez: President (newly elected) of the Los Angeles Police Commission. Karen Oleon Wagener: Executive Director, Volunteer Bureau, City of Los Angeles.



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