Big Changes at LA City Council, School Board

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There are going to be major changes at Los Angeles City Hall and the LA School Board, with six of 15 Council districts, and 4 of seven board seats, up for grabs in yesterday-s election. Antonio Villaraigosa and Bernard Parks are back in public service as newly elected members of the City Council. Former Assembly Speaker Villaraigosa ousted incumbent Nick Pacheco; former Police Chief Parks got 80% of the vote against several also-ran-s. We talk to Villaraigosa, Parks and the Rick Orlov, City Hall bureau chief for the Daily News, about egos, ambitions and personalities on the newly reconfigured Council. At the School Board, where Caprice Young and Genethia Hudley-Hayes appear to have lost their re-election bids, David Tokofsky seems headed for another term. We speak with Tokofsky and LA Times education writer David Pierson about what-s happened to former Mayor Richard Riordan-s expensive effort at school reform.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: 12% Voter Turnout is Record Low for LA
    Only 12% of registered voters turned out at the polls yesterday or mailed in their ballots. What does this record low response mean for democracy? Bob Stern of the Center for Governmental Studies, a nonprofit organization that studies ethics and campaign financing, says that voters have become disgusted with the process. In an era of such overwhelming voter apathy, he emphasizes the importance of get-out-the-vote efforts.

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