Big Five

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George Skelton: Los Angeles Times columnist, longtime Sacramento reporter. Senator Bill Lockyer: Democratic Senator from Hayward. President pro tem of the Senate; member of "Big Five." Assemblyman Jim Morrissey: Republican assemblyman from Anaheim. Introduced a bill that would permanently dock legislator's pay each day a budget is late. (Bill was killed in committee earlier this week). Assemblyman Don Perata: Democratic Assemblyman from Oakland. Has asked the chief legislative counsel to investigate the constitutionality of the Governor participating in the legislators' budget decision making. Senator Jim Brulte: Republican Senator from Rancho Cucamonga, was "Big Five" when in the Assembly. Mary Hally: Owner, MG Kelly Pharmacy, located in downtown Los Angeles. Lisa Kalustian: Spokesperson for Governor Pete Wilson. Assemblywoman Dion Aroner: Democratic Assemblywoman from Berkeley, Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Welfare Reform. Zev Yaroslasky: LA County supervisor representing the 3rd District. Susan Belden: Editor of the No Load Fund Analyst, a highly ranked mutual fund newsletter.

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