Bilingual Education

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Dr. Robert French: Superintendent, Orange Unified School District. Cynthia Rice: Migrant staff attorney for California Rural Legal Assistance, representing parents in a suit against Orange Unified. Ron Unz: Chairman, English for the Children Campaign, which is sponsoring an initiative petition to end bilingual education statewide. President and CEO, Wall Street Analytics, a financial services software company. Ran against Governor Wilson for the Republican nomination in 1994. Leticia Quezada: CEO, Mexican Cultural Initiative. Former LAUSD board member. Dr. Stephen Krashen: Author of Under Attack: The Case Against Bilingual Education. USC Professor of education; does research in language aquisition, literacy and bilingual education. Has consulted with numerous school districts and government agencies. Rosalie Porter: Director, of the READ Institute in Amherst, Massachusetts. (READ stands for Research in English Aquisition and Development.) Author of Forked Tongue, The Politics of Bilingual Education and editor of the journal READ Perspectives. Former bilingual Spanish teacher. Elizabeth Semel: Criminal defense lawyer. Former president of California Attorney's for criminal justice. David Corn: Washington Editor, The Nation. David Brooks: Senior Editor, The Weekly Standard.

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