Bin Laden, US Vie for Hearts & Minds of Arab World

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President Bush speaks from the White House in Washington, Osama Bin Laden from somewhere in Afghanistan. Their goals are diametrically opposed, but both are attempting to sway public opinion in the Arab world. We get an analysis of bin Laden's televised statement of yesterday, including his appeal on behalf of Palestinians. We'll get some Palestinian reaction as well. Then we join foreign policy experts for a look at the United Nations, where Syria has just joined the Security Council, to assess the likelihood that the UN will play an active role in Afghanistan.
  • Newsmaker: Second case of Anthrax in Florida In Boca Raton, health officials have sealed off the building that houses American Media, publisher of The National Enquirer and The Sun. One employee died last week from anthrax, a second has been exposed. Florida State Epidemiologist Steven Wiersma reports that the Department of Health is responding vigorously to the outbreak.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Flying a Long Range Bombing Mission The B2's that are dropping bombs on Afghanistan remain in the air for hours on end. Fighter-bombers don't stay up as long but have no standing room in the cockpit. General Merrill McPeak, who served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War, talks about endurance, engine oil, and what it's like to fly some of the world's most futuristic aircraft.


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