Blackout Warnings; Santa Monica Living Wage

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The Santa Monica City Council tonight takes up a hotly contested ordinance that would institute a pay increase for service workers employed in bigger businesses within the city's vital coastal zone. The so-called "living wage" ordinance would guarantee a wage of 10.69 an hour, raising the standard of living for entire families. Vivian Rothstein, of Santa Monicans Allied for Responsible Tourism, calls the bill another example of Santa Monica's being at the forefront of social justice. Attorney Tom Larimore, who represents the city's Chamber of Commerce, claims the bill would devastate some businesses. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: State to Give 30-Minute Warnings of Blackouts - As the California Senate looks for ways to limit the price the state pays for electricity, the state's Independent System Operator is working to provide 30-minute notice to customers when blackouts are likely. Carl Guardino, an advocate for South Bay high-tech manufacturers, explains how a proactive approach can help avoid blackouts.
  • Reporter's Notebook: El Toro Airport and Washington, DC Lobbyists - As the battle rages over the potential for a regional airport at El Toro, lobbyists from both sides work their magic in the nation's capital. Kevin O'Leary, editor of OC Metro Magazine, updates a situation that he says is becoming a "massive migraine" for all concerned.

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