Blair and Schwarzenegger Unite against Global Warming

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Britain's Prime Minister is touring California, exchanging ideas with the Governor that won't be welcome at the Bush White House. The Associated Press reported today that Tony Blair and Arnold Schwarzenegger would "sidestep the Bush administration" in the interests of combating global warming. The report says they'd establish an international market for greenhouse gases, which would help California reduce carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping emissions, though it turns out that their agreement did not go that far. We learn more about their plans for joining forces against global warming from John Wildermuth, political writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, and from environmental scientist Steve Howard, CEO of the Climate Group, an international nonprofit and a co-host of today's meeting between.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Did Sheriff's Dept Sanitize Mel Gibson's Arrest Report?
    Mel Gibson's drunk-driving arrest in Malibu this weekend has created quite a stir in Hollywood. Celebrity website published Gibson's arrest report, which called him abusive and resistant, and quoted an anti-Semitic diatribe he now calls "despicable" and attributable to his long bout with alcoholism. The site also printed startling allegations that the Sheriff's Department sanitized the arrest report. We hear more from Hollywood Reporter columnist Ray Richmond and Santa Monica criminal defense attorney Gigi Gordon.

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