Blazing Heat Raises Concerns over Early Fire Season

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Temperature records are being broken again today all over Southern California, and wildfires have already caused mandatory evacuations and injuries to fire fighters. By tomorrow, sea breezes are expected to cool things off, but the beginning of fire season has been declared-three weeks earlier than it was last year. Last fall, the Southland suffered from devastating wildfires, and forestry experts said that many mountain communities should consider themselves lucky. On a day like today, they have to be wondering if they-ll dodge the bullet again. Warren Olney speaks with a fire ecologist and a Lake Arrowhead business leader about the chances for another fire-related catastrophe before the summer is over.
  • Making News: Touch-Screen Voting Banned in Four California Counties
    Last week, California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley banned touch-screen voting in four counties, and there may be more to come. Local election officials and members of Congress are worried that the November presidential election could be in jeopardy. Kim Alexander, president of the nonpartisan California Voter Foundation, reports on the Secretary's decertification, its impact of November's election, and on the future of computerized voting.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Governor Schwarzenegger in Israel
    Governor Schwarzenegger was in Israel this weekend in Israel to lay the cornerstone on Jerusalem's new Museum of Tolerance. In a keynote speech, he paid tribute to the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust. Schwarzenegger recalled his own past and called for greater tolerance and unity. Etgar Lefkovitz of the Jerusalem Post offers an Israeli perspective on the Governor-s visit to Jerusalem.

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