Blindness Prevention Agency Rises from WTC Ashes

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One of the victims of September 11 was New York-based Helen Keller Worldwide, an organization whose mission is to prevent and treat preventable blindness. Headquartered in a building across the street from the World Trade Center, the nonprofit agency was destroyed in the collapse of one of the trade towers. Although no one was injured, 86 years of history were lost. Although the organization is struggling to get back on its feet, Director John Palmer says they've emerged from the tragedy "recommitted and renewed."
  • Newsmaker: An Expert's Take on the bin Laden Tape - Viewers around the world have different reactions to yesterday's broadcast of the Osama bin Laden videotape. While many agree it's the "smoking gun" that convicts bin Laden for September 11, some skeptics see it as contrived propaganda. What about experts on terrorism? Bruce Hoffman, vice-president for external affairs at The Rand Corporation in Washington, is a student of that subject. Originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Sharon-Arafat Showdown, American Envoy Zinni Leaves Israel - Israeli troops, tanks and air-strikes continued today in the West Bank and Gaza as Washington begins considering the future of General Anthony Zinni's peace mission. From Jerusalem, Matt Rees, of Time magazine, has an update of today's military strikes in the Middle East. Originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.

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