Blue Ribbon Panel Slams LAPD

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The LA Police Department's Rampart Division scandal featured cops stealing drugs, abusing suspects, planting evidence and lying in court. One hundred criminal convictions had to be overturned, and cost taxpayers $72 million to compensate victims. The incident became symbolic of all that separates the LAPD from the communities it is supposed "to protect and to serve." That was seven years ago. But after Chief William Bratton came aboard in 2003, he asked for a new investigation. Now, civil rights attorney Connie Rice, who headed Bratton's Blue Ribbon Panel, says it's time for the City of Los Angeles "to put up or shut up." The panel says LA's entire "civic culture" has failed for 40 years, leaving millions of citizens vulnerable to police abuse, corruption and violence. We hear from Rice and get a response from Councilman Jack Weiss.
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