Bob Hertzberg, Policy Wonk with Energy and Hugs Aplenty

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Bob Hertzberg got interested in politics back in the 1970's. As a college student in Redlands, he acted as a state-wide chauffer for Mervyn Dymally, one of California's legendary black politicians. Hertzberg was elected to the State Assembly in 1996 and became Assembly Speaker, succeeding his former roommate and friend, Antonio Villaraigosa. Now they're both challenging Los Angeles Mayor Jim Hahn in next month's primary election. Hertzberg was the first candidate in this year's mayoral race to run TV spots. They show the Los Angeles lawyer as a Jolly Giant full of good ideas for unifying America's most diverse big city. He says he can hire 3000 new cops without raising taxes. Would that mean cutting other programs? Would his plan to break up the school district mean smaller divisions or just more power for the Mayor? We find out as we continue our extended interviews with mayoral candidates.
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived on Capitol Hill today for the fourth time since he was elected Governor of California, but they aren't tired of him yet. He drew crowds bigger than those for the most powerful Washington politicians. Zachary Coile, who reports from Washington for the San Francisco Chronicle, says it will be difficult for Schwarzenegger to get everything he wants this year.



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