Boys Will Be Boys

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Paula Pearlman: Supervising attorney for California Women's Law Center, focusing on sexual harassment in education and employment Jeff Horton: Former President and current board member of LAUSD Deanne Nieman: Director of the Educational Equity Compliance office for LAUSD Nan Stein: Professor at Wellesley College, expert on sexual harassment Joe Manthey: Public school teacher and founder of "Men and Women For Gender Justice" in Sonoma County; he co-leads workshops throughout California entitled "Boy Culture in the Schools" Dr. Michael Thompson: A clinical child psychologist and school consultant in the Boston area specializing in issues of cruelty and peer relationships; he and coauthor Dan Kindlon are currently finishing a book entitled "Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys" Mayor Richard Riordan: Humphrey Taylor: Chairman of Louis Harris & Associates Inc. in New York

topic: Mayor Riordan's State of the City Address



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