Breaking Los Angeles into Boroughs

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Secession measures for Hollywood and the Valley will be on November-s ballot. Voters in the potential breakaway communities as well as Los Angeles as a whole will decide whether to create new cities or stick with the status quo. A third alternative, which enjoys serious backing, would keep the city together, but divide it into boroughs, like New York or London. The proposal has serious backing, but there-s a catch because the borough plan would eliminate the LA City Council, and only the Council could put it on this year-s ballot. We hear from former state Assemblyman Bob Hertzberg, who authored the plan, LA City Council President Alex Padilla, and the chair of the secessionist group Valley Vote.
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    Political reporters are talking about a mudslide coming in this year-s campaign for Governor of California. That prediction is based on polls showing incumbent Democrat Gray Davis and Republican challenger Bill Simon running neck and neck with just a few months to go. Phil Matier, columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, says that changing predictions are due, in part, to Davis' unfavorable job rating, even among Democrats.

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