Bridge above Homeless Embodies Battle for Downtown LA

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Former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka was a witness for the defense of a deputy who admitted hiding a jailhouse informant from the FBI. He claimed higher-ups told him to do it. The trial ended today, and the jury verdict could have an impact on Tanaka's campaign to succeed Lee Baca. Both retired after accusations of abuse and corruption. Also, a so-called "bridge over the homeless" raises questions about making downtown Los Angeles "pedestrian friendly."

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater, on To the Point, six years after the Great Recession, the housing market is finally in "recovery." But it's still hard to buy a new home.  Wall Street has snapped up foreclosed houses at rock-bottom prices and converted them into rentals. Can the "housing recovery" support the economic growth it's supposed to?


Banner image: Artist's rendering of G.H. Palmer's Da Vinci Apartments in downtown Los Angeles