Brooklyn According To Kalish

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-Brooklyn According To Kalish- is a memoir by journalist JON KALISH of his 16 years covering the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn.- The documentary utilizes "air checks" of Jon Kalish-s work from NPR and raw tape from his extensive archive. Kalish-s features on Brooklyn-s Orthodox Jews have aired on NPR and other outlets over the years, and he has produced two half-hour documentaries with a Jewish focus for Soundprint.

This hour-long documentary was created for the 75th anniversary of WNYC, New York, and is broadcast on the West Coast exclusively on KCRW.- It includes material on Lubavitchers in Crown Heights (including messiah madness over the late Lubavitcher rebbe; coverage of one of the rebbe's extemporaneous, four-hour discourses; and clashes with the African-American community); Satmars in Williamsburg (a matzah bakery during Passover; and chasidim qualifying for Small Business Administration loans as "disadvantaged minorities"); Borough Park (tapes rented to observant Jews who listen to lectures on the Torah and Talmud as they commute; muckraking "black hat" journalist Binyomin Jolkovsky who runs a popular Jewish web site from his apartment; and the Bobover chasidim praying for their ill rebbe); Flatbush/Midwood (Kalish living in the home of a prominent Orthodox rabbi for several years; Passover supermarket; religious supply store; and hanging with a kosher butcher); and the Orthodox Catskills where Brooklynites take their summer vacations (Orthodox Bungalow Baseball League; religious kiddy performers; and a kosher pizza parlor on a Saturday night after the Sabbath has ended).



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