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USA Today has been tracking budget woes in all 50 states for some time. Most states blame their problems on the weakened economy and the resulting loss of tax revenues. Utah, with its AAA bond-rating, is doing the best balancing act in the nation. How has California done compared to other states, moving from the boom time of the late 90's to the lean times of today? Dennis Cauchon, who covers states- finances for USA Today, is author of a two-part special report this week.

Nate Holden:After sixteen years representing his constituents in Palms, Koreatown and the Wilshire Center, Nate Holden is stepping down. The LA City Councilman has been called eccentric, controversial - even Quixotic. Holden looks back at his lengthy civic career and his most recent proposal to rename Crenshaw Boulevard in honor of former LA Mayor Tom Bradley.

  • Making News: State of California Will Run out of Money in Two Months
    Lawmakers called it a -drill- today, voting on a budget they knew would never pass even though the new fiscal year begins next week. State Controller Steve Westly says without passage of a budget soon, California will run out of money in August or September. Ed Mendel is Sacramento bureau chief for the San Diego Union-Tribune.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Plastic Packaging Grows Faster than Recycling
    You-ve been careful to recycle those water bottles you pull out of the fridge, as well as your containers from fast-food restaurants. So, what happens to those recyclables after the city picks up your bin? Laurence Darmiento, who covers the environment for the Los Angeles Business Journal, says the growth in plastics has overwhelmingly outpaced the development of recycling campaigns, filling up landfills in alarming numbers.

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