Building Along LA River Spurs Gentrification Fears

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The move to restore the Los Angeles River is living up to the best of expectations — with camp-outs, pop-up picnics and performances of live music. But when that kind of cultural energy appears, developers are never far behind and, sure enough, there are now fears of gentrification. Will current residents be priced out of a hip neighborhood that's downtown adjacent?

Also, in the aftermath of two drug-related deaths this weekend at the Fairfplex in Pomona, LA Supervisors may prohibit raves on county property. Are they treating the symptom instead of the cause?

Photo: A bicyclist rides past a new condominium complex nearing completion in Elysian Valley, an example of a spike of new and planned development along this stretch of the Los Angeles River. (Saul Gonzalez)



Warren Olney