Bush Links War on Terror to &quotAxis of Evil&quot

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In the aftermath of September 11, President Bush's war on terrorism won support around the world. Last week, his State of the Union speech, which promised to expand the war's focus, from al Qaeda and the Taliban, to Iraq, Iran and North Korea, stirred worldwide concern. European allies are disquieted by the President's intention to link the war to a string of countries Bush has branded an "axis of evil. We look at Bush's expanded enemies list and its affect on America's global coalition with former officials from the Pentagon, an award-winning journalist, and public and foreign policy experts. (Originally broadcast on February 4, 2002 on To the Point.)
  • Newsmaker: Enron and Cheney: Executive Intrusion or Defiance?
    Former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay has pulled out of testifying before a Congressional hearing. Meantime, the Justice Department instructed the White House to retain all records pertaining to Enron. Many, including John Dean, former counsel to President Nixon, are hearing echoes of Watergate.


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