Bush Meets Schwarzenegger

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The Republican President and California-s Republican Governor-elect are long-time acquaintances. What is the potential of their relationship for California? What could it mean for next year-s presidential campaign? Immediately after he was elected to replace Gray Davis, Schwarzenegger seemed to put President Bush on the spot when he said he would look to Washington for help with California-s financial problems. But today in their private meeting, he did not raise those issues. It-s conventional wisdom that a Republican Governor in this very Democratic state will be a political plus for the Republican President when he runs for re-election next year. We speak with political reporters and consultants to both sides.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Supermarket Strike Update
    Southern California grocery chains say things are going smoother with temporary workers hired since the strike began Saturday. Organized labor claims that picket lines are just the beginning and that the Teamsters have now agreed to stay away from distributors that supply the markets involved. KCRW-s Matt Holzman went to 3rd and La Brea in Los Angeles to visit Ralph-s-one of the markets being struck-and then across the street to Trader Joe-s.



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