Bush Meets with Mexico's Fox

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President Bush met with Mexico's President Vicente Fox today in an informal summit that was interrupted by news of US air strikes against Iraq. Despite the asymmetry between the US and its neighbor, which is still on the path to development, the similarities and shared interests of the two leaders made them appear as equals. Can they translate that warm personal relationship into improved policies on immigration, drugs, trade, and energy? We hear from a public policy expert with offices in the US and Latin America, and the eight-year Mexico City bureau chief for Copley News Service. (Managing Editor Kyle McKinnon guest hosts in this half-hour edition of WWLA.)
  • Newsmaker: Governor Announces Rescue Plan for Utilities - Governor Davis has put forth a multi-billion dollar plan to rescue California's utilities from bankruptcy. His press secretary, Steve Maviglio, affirms that the public purchase of private energy transmission lines will relieve the state's energy bottleneck. He assures us that there's no new rate-hike ahead, and fills us in on other provisions of the plan.
  • Reporter's Notebook: School Bus Diesel Emissions' Health Risk to Young Is the diesel exhaust inside your child's school bus worse than it is outside? The California Air Resources Board is urging a more extensive study of the health hazards of diesel emissions, compressed natural gas and gasoline. Jerry Martin, communications director for the board, elaborates.

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