Bush's Foreign Policy Prospects

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Tonight's featured convention speaker is Condoleezza Rice - the African-American diplomat and professor who has organized George W. Bush's foreign policy team. Off the convention floor, various would-be advisors - some veterans of his father's administration - have been harshly critical of the Clinton record in foreign affairs. But it's not yet clear where Bush himself comes down on major policy questions. One speech reflects advisors who counsel continued American dominance around the globe. Another advocates greater restraint. What would a Bush Administration do about China? Russia? An anti-missile defense?
Newsmaker: So far street demonstrations have not been the story of the Republican convention. With the convention itself predictably short of any real news, reporters have turned to the Shadow Convention, organized by Arianna Huffington, among others. Jennifer Rehill, with radio station WHYY, is our special correspondent.
Reporter's Notebook: Pat Buchanan quit the Republican Party on the assumption that he could be nominated by Ross Perot's Reform Party, which Jesse Ventura rode to the Governorship of Minnesota. The party convention is scheduled to open in Long Beach on Thursday of next week. But Buchanan may be out of the picture. Party officials have removed Buchanan's name from the mail-in ballots that will determine the nominee. John Hagelin of the Natural Law Party, is now the sole remaining official Reform Party candidate for President.



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