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President Bush has stepped back into one of America-s most bitter controversies by proposing temporary work permits for 8 to 12 million illegal immigrants. Conceding that the undocumented economy won-t go away, he says that tax-paying workers should no longer have to contend with fear and insecurity. His election-year proposal, which will require action by Congress, is already under attack-from both sides of a dispute that is passionately contentious. We hear about the benefits, drawbacks and mortal danger of illegal immigration from experts at the Institute for Justice and Journalism, the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, the Center for Immigration Studies and a spokesman for US Citizenship and Immigration Services. (This segment is an abbreviated version of a program heard earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Making News: Governor Schwarzenegger Announces $2 Billion in Education Cuts
    A day before revealing his new state budget, Governor Schwarzenegger has cut a deal with the California Teachers Association and other elements of the education establishment. It's a cut of $2 billion in school funding, but administrators and teachers say they can handle it. Bob Salladay, who covers Sacramento for the San Francisco Chronicle, says the agreement is a tribute to the negotiating ability of the new governor.

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