Busing And Integration: Time To Rethink?

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Professor Gary Orfield: Harvard Education and Social Policy professor. Done numerous studies on integration in schools in the U.S. Professor Roy Brooks: (Earl) Warren distinguished professor of law, University of San Diego law school. Author of Integration or Separation? A Strategy for Racial Equality. (Harvard University Press. 1996) Dr. Theodore Alexander: Director, LAUSD Integration office. Shelly Shapiro: Parent, frustrated with the transportation system of LAUSD. Robert Scott: Longtime school activist in the San Fernando Valley, currently serving as legal counsel for the Fenton Avenue Charter School. Gloria Soto: President, Belmont High School Advisory Council. Gordon Woolers: LAUSD assistant superintendent for policy research and development. Julie Kornstien: President, LAUSD School Board. Ann Reiss Lane: Chair, Women Against Gun Violence Don Lambro: Chief Political Correspondent, The Washington Times.



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