California Doesn't Place in the 'Race to the Top'

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California won't be getting $700 million in federal money for efforts to reform education. We talk with the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the LAUSD and the California Federation of Teachers about why the State came up short for a second time.  Also, a judge has ruled that federal money can have no role in any aspect of stem cell research. California's billion-dollar Institute for Regenerative Medicine says it will go ahead anyway. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, President Obama tries to be optimistic, but concedes that the Great Recession won't go away fast. Others compare it to the Great Depression as just the beginning of momentous economic change. We hear some challenging opinions about how American lives are likely to change as well.

Banner image: Secretary Duncan announces that nine states and the District of Columbia have won grants in the second phase of the Race to the Top competition.