California Lottery Raises the Stakes with Mega Millions

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Tickets are on sale today in California, as it becomes the twelfth state to join the Mega Millions Lottery, which claims that $1 can turn into $500 million. The catch is that the big prizes come at astronomical, world-record odds of one-in-175 million. Yesterday at a legislative hearing, state lottery officials conceded there's no provision in California law that allows California to join a multi-state game, but said there's no language that says it can't. Will the game bring more money to public schools by preying on poor and desperate people? Is it legal? Although state lottery officials were not available for our program, we speak with a lottery official, an opponent of gambling expansion and California Senator Dean Florez about whether the controversial move is legal--or good for education.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Controversy Continues at Malibu's Broad Beach
    Controversy continues at Malibu's Broad Beach where an 8-foot high, mile-long berm remains, even though the Coastal Commission says it's illegal. The Property Owners Association says it hired earth-movers to replace natural dunes eroded during the winter rains, but the Commission says so much sand was removed from below the mean high-tide line it disturbed the grunion run and eliminated that public access part of the beach. Peter Douglas, Executive Director of the Coastal Commission, has an update.

Coastal Commission on Broad Beach coastal access



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