California Recall Election: Another Florida 2000?

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The signatures have been turned into the Secretary of State and an appellate court has denied another appeal. Now, it-s almost a certainty that Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante will call a special recall election in 60 to 80 days. Election officials all over the state are worried about a shortage of ballots, untrained officials, malfunctioning equipment and hanging chads. That scenario cast doubt on Florida-s presidential election three years ago. We hear from pollsters, informed-voter advocates, and election officials in two counties about the scramble to stage a political event unlike any the state-s ever seen before, without the usual time to prepare and without even knowing who the candidates or the propositions might be.
  • Making News: Closing Arguments at Inglewood Police Abuse Trial
    Closing arguments are over in the trial of Inglewood policeman Jeremy Morse. He-s the white cop who was videotaped when he slammed a handcuffed black suspect onto the hood of a car and punched the man in the face. Reuters- Gina Keating says that as officials, preparing for the televised verdict, work to avoid another -Rodney King outcome,- the defense and prosecution alike appealed to jurors- -reasonableness.-

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