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In Sacramento to lobby for improved childcare, Sheriff Lee Baca joins us to discuss several items on the LA landscape. The sheriff makes the correlation between idleness and developmental problems, especially among underprivileged kids, and names it as a precursor to future crime. He defends his department against County Board concerns over alleged excessive force, discusses civilian oversight of law enforcement, the changing face of police culture, and his newest role as energy cop. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Affirmative Action Reaction - In response to yesterday's mass demonstrations outside their meeting at UCLA, the UC Board of Regents tabled discussion of their controversial 1995 decision banning affirmative action until May. Tanya Schevitz, of the San Francisco Chronicle, covered the raucous rally that ended in the cancellation of a sold-out mayoral debate.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Win One for the Skateboarders - The birthplace of radical skateboarding must now make due with a small setup that diehards say doesn't come close to the old hangout that was doomed by boardwalk renovations. Geri Lewis, founder of the Venice Skateboard Association, explains what made skateboarders go up against the LA Kings and California Coastal Commission.

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