California-s Health-related Ballot Initiatives

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Five of the 16 measures on November-s ballot deal with health care from mental health to stem-cell research. Just two of them have already generated almost 4,000 commercials at a cost of 5 million dollars. TV viewers be prepared. There are going to be many more. Tonight, we-ll look at all five propositions, not by opposing the pros and cons, but by explaining what they provide, what their impact is likely to be and who-s backing each side.
  • Making News: Henry Cisneros on Affordable Housing in America
    More Americans own homes than ever before. But, home prices are rising so fast that increasing numbers of people can-t afford to buy places to live. And, almost a million Americans are homeless. But the growing crisis in housing has not been an issue in this year-s presidential campaign. Two former housing secretaries want to do something about that. Republican Jack Kemp served the first Bush Administration, and Democrat Henry Cisneros served President Clinton. They-ve co-authored a book, and Secretary Cisneros appearing at this week-s 4th Annual California Real Estate Summit in Newport Beach.

Children's Hospital Projects (Prop 61)

Mental Health Services Expansion (Prop 63)

Emergency Medical Services (Prop 67)

Stem Cell Research (Prop 71)

Health Care Coverage (Prop 72)



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