California-s Minority Voters and Bush on Race

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Since George Bush was elected President, Republicans have been talking about minority outreach, especially in California, where Bush lost big to Al Gore. The GOP has been banking on Bush to help them reach out to the growing numbers of black and Latino voters. When Trent Lott made -racially insensitive- comments, Bush-s outspoken criticism was a major reason for Lott-s removal from Senate leadership. But, now, the President has intervened against the University of Michigan-s affirmative action program in a case before the US Supreme Court. What will be the cumulative impact of Bush-s actions on the GOP-s minority outreach? We ask Hector Barajas, who-s directs minority outreach for the California Republican Party, Madison Shockley of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and Marcelo Gaete of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund.
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President Bush on Michigan affirmative action case

President Bush on Trent Lott

University of Michigan-s affirmative action cases before the Supreme Court



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