California to Regulate CO2 Emissions?

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First the New York Times, now the Los Angeles Times, has reported that California-s Air Resources Board wants automakers to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases linked to global warming. The ARB says the only way that can be done is by making cars burn less gasoline. That could lead to a confrontation, not just with auto-makers but the Bush Administration. Where will Governor Schwarzenegger come down on the issue? Warren Olney hears from a General Motors' manager of public policy and the environment, a policy director at the Natural Resources Defense Council and Fran Pavley, sponsor of a new Clean Air Bill before the State Assembly.
  • Making News: Ray Charles Is Dead at 73
    Ray Charles said, -I was born with music inside me,- and he poured it out until he died today at the age of 73. Just weeks ago, when his LA recording studio was designated a historic landmark, he made his last pubic appearance alongside music aficionado Clint Eastwood. Music legend Ahmet Ertegun, president of Atlantic Records and the producer of several hit records for Ray Charles, offers this remembrance.
  • Reporter's Notebook: City to Require Farmers' Market Fees?
    Los Angeles farmers' markets operate on city-owned land, providing fresh produce to a growing base of consumers. While some are nonprofit, others make money. When they do, they-re supposed to be charged a fee, a law that has not been enforced. Now, the City's Chief Legislative Analyst wants to start collecting the money, but the markets say that could put them out of business. Councilman Tom LaBonge, a regular customer at the Larchmont Farmers' Market, offers a strong argument against the fees.

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