California Tsunamis?

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Although last week-s tsunami in Asia had no effect on Southern California, it is possible that an off-shore earthquake could produce 35-foot waves and extensive flooding. If you-re worried about a tidal wave or tsunami hitting the Southland, the worst place to be is Marina del Rey, but the only place in the state that-s officially ready for such an event is Crescent City, up near the Oregon border. In last week-s LA Times, Rich Eisner of California-s Office of Emergency Services commented, -I think we have a problem. We-re trying to get the message out, but it-s lost in the background of all the other preparedness messages.- Is California ready for a tidal wave or a Tsunami? We speak with Eisner's boss and an engineering seismologist about the likelihood of disaster occurring here, and whether there-s need to prepare.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Santa Monica Couple Survive Tsunami
    In Thailand, on a fact-finding message for President Bush, Secretary of State Powell says some 4000 to 5000 Americans are still unaccounted for. The State Department is asking to be notified as survivors show up. Two people who survived in a most astonishing way are Eugene Kim and his wife, Faye Wachs. The Santa Monica couple was scuba diving off Koh Phi Phi Island in Thailand.

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