California versus Texas

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California's been on the cutting-edge for so long it's hard to believe there's any competition. Do we really have to worry about Texas? California's a state of mind, a natural wonderland, the locus of culture and high-tech. Texas, once an independent country, is harsh and brutal, a major clean-air offender. We explore the political, economic and cultural challenges between the two states with devotees of both states including California's state librarian Kevin Starr, write Joel Kotkin, T. R. Fehrenbach, the author of Lone Star,, and others.
  • Newsmaker:LAUSD Teacher Contract Negotiations Can the LA Unified School District give teachers a big enough raise to avoid a strike without cutting programs and services that impact education? Sup. Roy Romer says his proposal contains benefits for teachers and the districts without hurting students. He insists that another strike is the last thing Los Angeles needs.
  • Reporter's Notebook : Runaway Production Rebounds? - The threat of strikes in the TV and film industry has producers stockpiling product. The Los Angeles Business Journal's Darrell Satzman says that in the short term, proximity to the stars may bring productions back to LA. He cautions against looking for a quick settlement with both sides still arguing about where to hold negotiations.

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