California Voters and Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Voters picked their way through 16 state ballot propositions and a host of local ones. Statewide, they -yes- and -no- to a series of health-related proposals, and approved a massive bond issue for stem cell research. LA County refused to increase the sales tax to pay for more cops. While Arnold Schwarzenegger campaigned for President Bush in Ohio, which turned out to be the state that made the difference, in California, the Governor had mixed results with his efforts to get the votes he wanted on ballot propositions and the state legislature. Is there a pattern to these and other decisions made yesterday at the polls? What did the Governor have to do with it, and what does it mean for his political future? We hear from Anthony York, editor of Political Pulse, a newsletter about California politics, and Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Weintraub.
  • Making News: The Propositions
    Voters were asked to make decisions on no less than 16 state propositions in yesterday's election. There were five on health care, two on gaming, plus others on "tort reform" and stem cell research. We take a look at how they all did with Bob Stern of the Center for Governmental Studies and Gail Ruderman Feuer with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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