Californians Cope with a Bare-Bones Budget

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It's often said that higher education has made California a great state, and many government, business and nonprofit leaders graduated from taxpayer-funded institutions. But taxpayers aren't as generous as they used to be and tuition is rising. We ask Cal State University Chancellor Charles Reed about the 12 percent hike he says he needs on top of the 10 percent increase students already were facing. Also, Franklin Roosevelt had fireside chats. President Obama has talked with voters on YouTube and Facebook. Today it was Twitter. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, the federal debt limit and political brinksmanship.

Banner image: Physical therapist Joan Collins (2R) helps Mary Grecousis (R) stand up during a physical therapy session at the Lifelong Medical Marin Adult Day Health Care Center in Novato, California. The new budget could jeopardize adult day care centers throughout California. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images