Californians Favor a Tax Hike

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Californians may not want new taxes, but they expect them, and if they-re the right kind, three out of five even approve. The LA Times has published a statewide poll showing that the face of the state's budget deficit and sluggish economy, Californians support new taxes in California. The survey, which interviewed 1571 people, 1265 of whom were voters, also shows that Governor Schwarzenegger would be forgiven by voters if he broke his pledge not to raise taxes. We speak with the pollster, hear just which taxes the people prefer, and get some very different reactions from the head of the California Tax Reform Association and state Senator Tom McClintock, a deeply committed tax opponent who ran against Schwarzenegger in last year's recall election.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Schools Exempted from Teaching Algebra
    Four years ago, Governor Davis signed a law requiring that all California high school graduates complete a year of Algebra. No one was exempted-not kids with learning disabilities, not kids who didn-t know English, not -at-risk- kids at continuation schools. This year, the law was scheduled to go into effect, but the State Board of Education has been asked to grant waivers by 200 school districts. Joel Rubin is reporting the story for the LA Times.

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