Californians May Have to Give up Hand-Held Cell Phones

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Sacramento insiders say the State Senate-s about to join the Assembly and require that Californians use hands-free cell phones at the wheels of their cars. Any driver caught with a cell phone in hand would be subject to paying a fine. Cell phone limitation was bolstered yesterday by the National Transportation Safety Board, which recommended that novice drivers be barred from using cell phones at all-even if they-re hands free. Can California's handle this -lifestyle challenge?- We hear two sides of the debate on -talkers- rights- from State Assemblyman Joseph Simitian of Northern California, who authored the measure, and the founder of the Independent Institute, which seeks to avoid politicization of public policy and foster effective government reform.
  • Making News: Screeners Fired at LAX
    Just as the busy, summer travel season is about to begin, hundreds of federal security screeners have been fired at Los Angeles International Airport. The Daily Breeze reports that airlines and airport officials worry that the shortage of worker could create delays for travelers. Ian Gregor wrote the story.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The City, the Mayor and the Struggle for Power
    For the first time since he-s been mayor, the LA City Council has overridden a veto by Mayor Jim Hahn, and it-s on some minor league measure. He lost 11-to-3 on the $5.1 billion city budget. Fernando Guerra, who directs the Center for the Study of Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University, says the political hardball currently being waged at city hall is a preview of what-s to come when the new council is seated on July 1.

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