California's Energy Grinch

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For weeks California has been flirting with rolling blackouts as the deregulated utility market lurches from summer to winter. Investigations are underway, and Governor Davis has demanded help from Washington. Is there any relief in sight? We ask spokesmen for energy producers and distributors as well as consumer advocates and the press secretary for Gov. Davis who attended the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission meeting today.
  • Newsmaker: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Meeting - Energy Secretary Bill Richardson has forced reluctant power producers to sell electricity to California's private utilities, and ordered the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to meet with generators, marketers and the utilities. Arthur O'Donnell, editor and publisher of Energy Marketswas at today's FERC meeting in Washington.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Digital Revolution Reshaping American Landscape - The rise of the world wide web has led to predictions that workers would abandon big cities for rustic retreats, communicating by laptops and cell phones. Economist and author Joel Kotkin talks with us about the "new geography" created by the economy.

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