California's Environment and Expectations of Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly will appoint former Secretary of State Bill Jones to head the state Resources Agency, which oversees 31 departments that supervise California-s parks, forests, water and wildlife. It-s a politically sensitive job in an environmentally conscious state. What do California voters want from Arnold Schwarzenegger? How will last night's US Senate vote affect states' efforts to reduce pollution from small gasoline engines like lawn mowers, forklifts, tractors and chain saws? We hear from outgoing Resources Secretary Mary Nichols and from Bill Guerry, counsel for the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute in Washington, DC.
  • Newsmaker: Preserving California's Coastline
    Despite -budget woes, political turmoil, and catastrophic natural disaster,- Californians still care about the coastline. They want to preserve it, whatever the potential cost to the economy. That-s the conclusion of Mark Baldassare after his latest survey for the Public Policy Institute of California.
  • Reporter's Notebook: NRDC's Green Building
    The Natural Resources Defense Council calls its new headquarters in Santa Monica -one of the most self-sufficient structures in the United States.- Relying on the latest -green- technologies, it will use significantly less water and electricity than other buildings its size and it will generate much of its own power. The building is named for one of the NRDC-s long time directors, actor Robert Redford, who was in town for today-s dedication.

PPIC Survey on Californians and the Environment

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