California's Gasoline, Energy Travails

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Electricity isn't the only kind of energy that's getting more expensive. As gasoline prices creep past 2 dollars a gallon, the White House says President Bush is "concerned," but believes there are no "quick fixes." Tonight, we'll look into reports that Californians could be spending 3 dollars a gallon. On another energy front, how close has California come to rolling blackouts today?
  • Newsmaker: Dealers Tipping Off Retailers to Expect /Gallon Gas - USA Today reports that 20 gas station owners in Chicago and California say they've been told to prepare to sell gasoline at 3-dollars a gallon by some time this summer. But, the big gasoline companies deny that they ever talk about price increases in advance. Dennis DeCota runs two 76 Stations near San Francisco, and he's Executive Director of the California Service Station and Auto Repair Association
  • Reporter's Notebook: Republican Support for a Power Price-Cap Bill - As he puts together the Republican administration's energy strategy, Vice President Cheney says the watchword will be deregulation of the free market. Mostly, it's been Democrats who've advocated controls, but now some Republicans are getting on board. Elton Gallegly is one such Republican Congressman from Simi Valley.



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