Caltech's 600 Million-Dollar Grant & Bioterrorism

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Caltech President David Baltimore has been called the nation's leading biologist. Praised for his vision, insight and willingness to play a prominent role in national affairs, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist has never been afraid to grapple with Congress. Now, amid the anthrax scare and warnings that smallpox may be next, we talk with Dr. Baltimore about the role of America's leading research institution in defending against bioterrorism and the weapons of 21st century warfare. We'll also hear about Caltech's historic 600 million-dollar gift from Intel co-founder and Caltech graduate Gordon Moore.
  • Newsmaker: Court Cuts Five Billion-Dollar Exxon Valdez Award - The 1989 Exxon-Valdez oil spill spread 11 million gallons of crude oil over 1500 miles of Alaskan coastline. A jury found Exxon liable for the largest punitive damage award in history but, today, a San Francisco appellate court overturned the five billion-dollar award. Bob Egelko, of the San Francisco Chronicle, has a progress report.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Red-Light Cameras Are Operating on Red - High-tech automatic cameras to catch speeders who run red lights at 16 of LA's busiest intersections aren't catching enough light runners to pay for themselves. Rick Orlov, of the Los Angeles Daily News, explains why Lockheed Martin wants to get out of the red light business.

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