Can an Outsider Lead LAPD?

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This week, Mayor Jim Hahn is interviewing the three final candidates for LAPD Chief, submitted to him by the LA Police Commission. Art Lopez spent 28 years at the LAPD before becoming Chief in Oxnard in 1998. Former New York Police Commissioner, William Bratton, has spent one year on the team that-s monitoring the LAPD as part of the federal consent decree. John Timoney worked in New York under Bratton until he took over Philadelphia-s Police Department four years ago. The last outsider chief was Willie Williams, who never caught on with the department. We talk with two police reformers, civil rights attorney Connie Rice, and legal ethicist Erwin Chemerinsky, about an outsider-s chances of leading a troubled and notoriously inward-looking department.
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    After scooping up campaign contributions from corporations, today, Governor Gray Davis signed a bill that will require companies to grant up to six weeks of paid leave for employees to care for ill relatives, including domestic partners, or to bond with newly adopted children. Former Democratic advisor Bill Bradley, now a political writer for the LA Weekly, explains business- opposition to the legislation.
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