Can Bush Resurrect Simon-s Gubernatorial Campaign?

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With his race nearly on the rocks, Republican candidate Bill Simon hopes that President Bush will generate both money and good will to shore up his troubled gubernatorial campaign. The President is coming to California tomorrow to raise money for GOP candidates in November-s election. This week, the Washington Post reported that, -White House strategists fear catching a bug from a candidate who may be too far gone to resuscitate.- We hear from a San Francisco political reporter who wrote a similar story, a Simon supporter and a Republican skeptic about GOP chances in November.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: LA Elected Officials Pick Fight with Adelphia
    Southland-s largest cable company serves Los Angeles, the Hollywood Hills and its entertainment-industry customers. But city officials are being flooded with complaints about the recently bankrupt company. We hear from a corporate business reporter and City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo who-s taking a hard line on corporate scandal, poor service and rate increases as Adelphia-s LA franchise comes up for renewal.

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