Can Democrats Avoid a Nasty Primary?

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State Treasurer Phil Angelides and State Controller Steve Westly are competing for the nomination to run against Governor You Know Who. But name recognition isn't their only problem. Warren Beatty, and interested Democrat, says the "real" fight against Arnold Schwarzenegger in November is too important for Westly and Angelides to stage an ugly primary battle. He's concerned that if they tear each other apart, the primary winner won't have anything left for November. Republican operative Dan Schnur says the litmus test for the Democrats is "not how much you hate Arnold but how long you have hated him." How important is money? We hear from the top strategists for both campaigns.
  • Making News: Kaiser Permanente Patient Allegedly Dumped on Skid Row
    TV monitors were installed on skid row after the LAPD complained that hospitals were "dumping" patients who had no place else to go. Monday, videotape showed a taxi driving away, leaving a 63-year old woman to wander in a hospital gown and slippers. She said she couldn't remember what happened when she was discharged from Kaiser Permanente's facility in Bellflower. Kaiser has launched an internal investigation and the City Attorney is looking at possible criminal charges. Diana Bonta is Vice President for Public Affairs for Kaiser in Southern California.

LA Times article on alleged Kaiser skid-row 'dumping'

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