Can LA Live without Car Chases on TV?

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Even before OJ Simpson led a flying parade of helicopters up the 405 Freeway, viewers in the Southland were used to seeing police pursuits on television. Now, they?ve become a staple of local newscasts. However, Mayor Jim Hahn says that such life-and-death police pursuits are not entertainment, and the Los Angeles Police Department and the Sheriff are asking TV stations to stop broadcasting them on freeways. With such pursuits a seemingly integral part of Southern California culture, we hear from a spokesman for the LAPD, a TV news director and a car-chase addict who subscribes to a service that pages her when the drama begins.

  • Making News: Gas Prices Break Records in California
    Image Not Available The price of gasoline in California has jumped to a record price of more than $2 a gallon. During the OPEC boycott back in the 1970's, the price was higher relative to inflation, but pump prices stayed below the $2 mark. Chris Mennis, an independent petroleum broker with New Wave Energy in Northern California, says the cost of gasoline will continue to increase as war threatens the supply of crude oil.

US Department of Energy-s Gasoline Price Index

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