Can Measure B Save LA County Trauma Centers?

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There-s no doubt that Los Angeles County-s healthcare system is in critical condition. Faced with a budget stretched to the breaking point and funding specifically earmarked for predetermined programs, Supervisors already have shut down 11 clinics, and there may be more to come. Measure B on next month-s ballot would raise property taxes for the expressed purpose of funding the trauma centers that save the lives of the insured as well as the indigent. Will Measure B lives or just increase the burden on homeowners, who already are paying for services they don-t get? We hear the opinions of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, who wrote the ballot measure, and Kris Vosburgh of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, which opposes it.
  • Newsmaker:State Issues Fishing Ban off Channel Islands
    Some 500 people attended a meeting of the State Fish and Game Commission in Santa Barbara last night. Many, including sport and commercial fishermen, were angered by the Commission-s creation of America-s third largest underwater park off the Channel Islands, complete with a ban on fishing. Melinda Burns, senior environmental writer for the Santa Barbara News Press, reports on the Commission-s precedent setting decision.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Republican Nominee for State Insurance Commissioner
    We tried to set a debate between the major candidates for state Insurance Commissioner. Democrat John Garamendi-s campaign declined each date, refused to suggest another, and finally stopped returning our calls. Republican Gary Mendoza was ready to talk any time. The former state corporations commissioner and deputy to LA Mayor Richard Riordan, vows to get companies scrambling for business rather than customers struggling for coverage.

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